The approach

It's very easy to write bad code. But once you grasp a few concepts, it's not that difficult to write better code, which means less bugs, less headaches, and less time to completion.

And that's what we're all about. We won't show you something unless it will save you time, and you're actually going to use it.

That in turn differs for every individual, and gauging that correctly is what we pride ourselves on.

The team

Andrew Buchan

Andrew has been a professional programmer for 9 years, building server, desktop, web and mobile applications. He now runs CodeCoachingNinja, works as a feelance developer and consultant, and occasionally teaches computing science at a high school.

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Tai Kedzierski

Tai has been troubleshooting large enterprise solutions and developing system automation scripts for over 8 years, operating presently as a freelance DevOps technician and automation developer. In his spare time, he writes modding code for Minetest, a game he uses as a tool to introduce youngsters to programming, in the fun context of game-modding.

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We are based in Edinburgh, UK, but will happily travel too.

If you'd like to know more, or fancy a chat, just contact us.